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Hanna to Consort


Calgary to Hanna


Medicine Hat to Hanna


Hanna to Consort


Hanna, Alberta

If you love nature, have an interest in the outdoors, admire the beautiful scenery, or just enjoy the history of this land, then this adventure is for you!

This tour includes four different breath-taking stops with each one offering a variety of entertainment:

  • On the first part of this tour, we will enjoy a beautiful walking tour in the peaceful outdoors of Hanna, Alberta where you will see the roots and history of this small town and appreciate the little things that make this town great.
  • Make your way back outside to participate in some geocaching in the area. Experience a high-tech treasure hunt and cutting-edge adventure during this activity.
  • After gathering up all your treasures, make your way to Consort, Alberta.


Consort, Alberta

Neutral Hills & Mud Buttes

  • Consort is located in the beautiful Neutral Hills where you will experience a real treat while driving through this area.
  • If you look out your window, you will see the beautiful Mud Buttes. These are an isolated pocket of badlands that is two kilometres long and 800 metres wide and is one of North America’s largest and best-exposed sites of glacially deformed bedrock. You will see folds and faults formed from the pushing of the glaciers. An interesting fact about the direction of these folds and faults is that they provide information about the direction of the flow of glaciers during the last Ice Age. If you have a horse, saddle up and enjoy a wonderful trail ride to capture all of this scenery and beauty.

Neutral Hills