History Tour

Oyen to Youngstown

Oyen to Carolside
Pollockville to Blood Indian Creek Reservoir
Oyen to Youngstown


Oyen Crossroads Museum

Oyen, Alberta

Begin your tour at the Oyen Crossroads Museum. This consists of 9 buildings, each with history all their own. (find out more of what they have.) They even have an escape room for your entire family to enjoy. This is an opportunity to brush up on your history and learn a few new skills.

312 1 Ave E
Oyen, AB T0J 2J0

Oyen Crossroads Museum


Oyen Greenhouse

Oyen Alberta

The next stop will be at the Oyen greenhouse, and even though it looks brand new, it uncovers the history of the entire community. This greenhouse is known for “bringing to life” decorating and landscaping concepts and ideas. Open May – June.


Carolside Reservoir

Pollockville, Alberta

After finishing up at the greenhouse, travel over to Pollockville to visit the Carolside Reservoir. This is a beautiful campground with many beautiful views and great scenic routes. If you enjoy fishing Carolside is your destination.

Depending on the time of year, guests will be able to enjoy some bull riding at Hardgrass Bronc Match (end of July).

Alberta T0J 3J0


Blood Indian Trading Post

Youngstown, Alberta

From Pollockville, will continue the journey up to Youngstown to visit the Blood Indian Trading Post.

Blood Indian Park