Fishing Tour

Oyen to Youngstown

Oyen to Youngstown
Youngstown to Blood Indian Creek Reservoir
Medicine Hat to Oyen
Calgary to Oyen


Oyen Fishing Pond

Oyen, Alberta

Plan to spend the entire day outside for this tour so make sure to pack your sunscreen, water and appropriate clothing and footwear.

This adventure starts in the morning with some fishing in the Oyen fishing pond. The beautiful water and scenic area is the perfect way to start any day.


Trout Fishing

Youngstown, Alberta

Next, travel to Youngstown where we will participate in some hunting or trout fishing. Youngstown’s lakes, reservoirs and streams, as well as some other excellent choices including Carolside and Blood Indian Park. Whether you’re fishing for Sucker, Brown Trout or Bigmouth Buffalo, or one of the other fish found near Youngstown, you will find them here. So get your fly fishing gear, bait-casting setup, trolling equipment, or spin casting gear out and find your new favourite fishing spot near Youngstown.

Fishing Spots



Blood Indian Park

After a long day of activity, you may be interested in spending the night to enjoy a second day of fishing. If you enjoy camping, spend the night at the scenic Blood Indian Park or the Raval Motel and Campground.