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Neutral Hills

Natural Wonder

Consort, Alberta

You may be surprised to see a hill with an elevation of 821 metres (2693.57 ft) in the middle of the Alberta prairie, however, Neutral Hills is just that.  Situated south of Lloyds Hill, enjoy a scenic and challenging trail ride through this area to truly enjoy its beauty and vastness.

According to Indian legend, many tribes were warring on this favourite hunting and ceremonial ground. Finally, the great spirit “Manitou” in his infinite wisdom touched the Earth and caused a great barrier of hills to separate the warring tribes. Thereafter the Indians designated these hills as Neutral Territory. Thus the “Neutral Hills” came to being.

Geologically they are called a terminal moraine, a product of the glaciers. Some 55 miles long and reaching an elevation of 2900 feet, this ancient landmark was recorded on the map from Palliser’s 1857 Expedition.

Ever changing, the Neutral Hills offer the viewer a splendid panorama of merging yet distinctive worlds. The discovery of artifacts, buffalo skulls, teepee rings, ceremonial rings; and the hills themselves ridged from countless grazing herds are ample evidence that the neutrals for hundreds of years were home to the magnificent bison and Indian tribes.

Mud Buttes

Experience this beautiful and isolated pocket of badlands known as the Mud Buttes.This two kilometres long and 800 metres wide formation is one of North America’s largest and best-exposed sites of glacially deformed bedrock. You will see folds and faults formed from the pushing of the glaciers. The direction of these folds and faults provide information about the direction of the flow of glaciers during the last Ice Age. Enjoy a wonderful trail ride to capture all of this scenery and beauty.

Drone footage of the Mud Buttes. Video filmed by Exploring With Wade.