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Carolside Mosasaur

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Dinosaur Exploring

Journey back in time and dive into the depths of the prehistoric waters at Carolside Reservoir! This lifelike sculpture is an extraordinary testament to one of the most fearsome marine creatures to have ever roamed our planet. The Mosasaur, a marine lizard of gargantuan proportions, ruled the ancient oceans during the Late Cretaceous period, 70-66 million years ago. It was a time when dinosaurs dominated the land, but in the seas, Mosasaurs reigned supreme.

The Carolside Mosasaur is not just a sculpture; it’s a glimpse into our planet’s extraordinary past. Towering at a staggering height and meticulously designed, every inch of this sculpture is a homage to the might and majesty of the Mosasaur. From its powerful, streamlined body to its terrifyingly sharp teeth and formidable jaws, the sculpture captures the ferocity and grandeur of this ancient marine predator in extraordinary detail.

Crafted by a well-known paleoartist and based on the latest paleontological research, the Carolside Mosasaur provides an educational and awe-inspiring encounter with the past. It is a journey of discovery, and a testament to the mysteries and wonders that lie beneath the waves.

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