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Hanna to Consort


Hanna to Neutral Hills


Neutral Hills to Consort


Hanna to Consort


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Pioneer Village Museum

Hanna, Alberta

Let’s start our museum tour in Hanna at the Pioneer Village Museum. This museum will leave you breathless as it is a full block of historical buildings that are filled with realistic antique displays and turn-of-the-century artifacts that are a must-see for travellers.

502 Fox Lake Trail
Hanna, AB T0J 1P0

Hanna Pioneer Museum & Village


Scenic Drive

Neutral Hills & Mud Buttes

Get back in your vehicle and we will be driving to our last destination, Consort. As you drive by the Village of Veteran, take some time to explore before returning to the highway. On this drive, you will have some beautiful sightseeing locations. As you look out your window you will be able to see the beautiful Mudd Buttes and Trail ride which is known as the Neutral Hills. Before you drive through this area, we should give you some background info that will make the view even more eventful. Mud Buttes are a group of low hills 15 kilometers southeast of Consort. It is an isolated pocket of badlands about two kilometers long and 800 metres wide and is one of North America’s largest and best-exposed sites of glacially deformed bedrock. The spectacular folds and faults seen here are formed by the push from advancing glaciers and provide excellent information about the direction of the flow of glaciers during the last Ice Age. An amazing elevation of 821 metres which is crazy to believe that it is right out your car window.

Neutral Hills


Old Tyme Printing Museum

Consort, Alberta

After driving through this beautiful area, you can stop at the Old Tyme Printing Museum in Consort.

4902 50 St #4944
Consort, AB T0C 1B0


Village of Consort

Village of Opportunity

While you’re in Consort, try booking a tee time at the Golf Course or adventuring out to Gooseberry Provincial Park for camping, swimming, fishing, and more. There is lots of see in Consort.

Village of Consort Website