Adventure Tour

Empress to Buffalo

Empress to Buffalo
Empress to Medicine Hat
Empress to Calgary


River Kayaking

Empress, Alberta

I hope you are ready for some adrenaline and excitement because this tour is all about that. So get ready and buckle in case you won’t want to miss a thing.
For part of this tour, we will start our journey in empress where it will consist of two adrenaline activities.

The first tour will allow us to explore the great outdoors and wild rapids of the Empress river as we will be kayaking on this water terrain.



Paintball Course

Empress, Alberta

After spending some time in the water we will travel to the last man standing paintball course where we will test our accuracy and competitiveness.

Contact Last Man Standing Paintball Field
Call to make an appointment
Phone: 403-548-5561
110 6 Ave, Empress, AB T0J 1E0


Pheasant Hunting

Buffalo, Alberta

After your accuracy is warmed up we will travel to Buffalo, which is a 37-minute drive. While we are here we will participate in some pheasant hunting at the ringneck river. After this, we will travel back to Empress to enjoy a nice warm meal.

Pheasant Hunting