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Special Areas 2 & 3

September – January

Annual Pheasant Festival

Highway 41 Pheasant Festival

3rd weekend in October

Consort, Albeta

Oyen and Consort, collectively organized a group pheasant hunt for both teams and singles. You can have up to six hunters in your group or you can sign up as a solo hunter and they will happily put you into a group.

All proceeds from the event went towards supporting the Oyen and Consort communities.

Hunting In Hanna

Hanna is placed right in the middle of the largest migration route and staging area in Alberta. The migration routes of four different species of geese intersect in the immediate Hanna area. Thousands of Canada Geese (Lesser and Greater), White-fronted, Snow and Ross’ geese fill the Hanna skies from early September to late November providing some awesome hunting experiences.

The terrain allows for the option of hunting on water or as field shoots. The Hanna area is also known for its exceptional duck hunting opportunities. Nineteen different species of ducks are known to frequent the area; however, hunting pressure is concentrated on the later migrations of large northern Mallard and Pintail.

Ringneck River (Buffalo)

Deep in Southern Alberta you will find one of North America’s largest, untapped pheasant reserves. Enjoy some of the best pheasant habitat in the world at Ringneck River. Pheasants thrive along the thick grassy cover with tons of bush, creek beds, irrigated property and wild native pasture all of which is along the 15 miles of river front property called Ringneck River, the best habitats for all native species that live here. The vastness of Ringneck River allows you to hunt over and over and never hunt in the same place twice.

Here, each hunting experience is both exciting and rewarding! The season along the river is from mid-August to April. Ringneck River caters to all types of upland hunters including beginners, intermediate, expert and the elite hunters.  We invite all upland hunters to come and share the Ringneck River experience and the beauty it has to offer. It is truly amazing!!

Guided coyote hunts are available together with a bird hunt should your hunting party wish to enjoy this wild adventure. Other ranch varmints may also be available to hunt depending on the time of year.

Stop by and enjoy a round of golf at the local golf course only 20 minutes away.  They are open right up until October.

If a challenging sporting clay course is more to your taste, you may have the chance to shoot clays off of the riverbank

Ringneck River Website