Caught somewhere between the old and the new, The Barn Pub & Grill has proven successful at pleasing two completely different clientele, not to mention locals and newcomers alike. With its focus on crafting fantastic food propelled by a lively bar atmosphere, the Barn is likened to the mirage often seen in the middle of deserts – only in this case, the desert is actually quaint Oyen and the Barn is quite real. It’s great for anyone needing an excuse to make a trek. To help you make the most of it, here’s a few suggested ideas to turn this into a proper quest.

Activity #1 – Oyen & District Golf Club

Oyen & District Golf Club

You’ll need to work up a vicious appetite before sinking your teeth into some pub food and what better way than to sink a few holes? This prairie golf course is by no means a walk; numerous sand bunkers and water hazards dot the way, turning any friendly match into deadly competitive in the blink of an eye. You can also find at the golf club regular tournaments and challenges, not to mention a lunch menu that’ll give you plenty excuses coming back for a game or two.

Activity #2 – Oyen Crossroads Museum

Oyen Crossroads Museum

Oyen has served as the historical crossroads between dozens of trails and this museum highlights the district’s unique pioneer history through a series of archives and heritage buildings. Take a fun excursion into the past through a 1920s cook car, or be part of the workings of the blacksmith shop.

Activity #3 – Barn Pub & Grill

Barn Pub & Grill

This is of course, your final destination but it’s important to note; if you have any power of the schedule, try and make it out for a live music night – whether that means a musician rolling thru or a karaoke night, you’ll never feel more at home in Oyen than a night like this.